EM Warwick Conservation Area

26135 Warwick Line, Wallacetown, Ontario, Canada

EM Warwick Conservation Area is a group campground we have fully rented out for CBTL.

The campground itself has 4 basic cabins on site, a mess hall building we can use for accommodation, and lots of room for RVs, campers, trailers, and tents.

There is also showers and a real bathroom on site.

There are an additional set of Airbnbs only a 10 minute drive away that we have reserved in advance for our guests who require that type of accommodation!

After we receive your RSVP we will be sending out a survey to gather info about camping needs and we will be working with each individual guest to make sure they are accommodated properly



First of all, THANK YOU! We love you. 

The closest major airports:
Detroit Metro/DTW
Pearson/YYZ (Toronto)

Other airports:
London/YXU, Kitchener/YKF, Buffalo/BUF, Niagara Falls/IAG, Hamilton/HMU

We will collect everyone’s flight info via survey and organize carpooling or transport for everyone to the venue. We will also provide camping supplies or anything you need.