If you are you in a relationship with someone – obviously yes, your partner is invited. And all of our family/friends in relationships – just know we chose the main email address for your invite based on who we like more.. just kidding 🙂

If you are single – we are asking for meaningful plus ones only. This means please do not bring anyone just because you are allowed a plus one. Your latest tinder match should stay home. But if you feel more comfortable bringing your bestie along, by all means please do! If you know someone who would fit the vibe and is in desperate need of a good party – we would love to have them. Otherwise we will be organizing the camping and tables and we will make sure you’re with your preferred squad. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about this!

We already have way too many things and making a registry was just adding more stress to our lives. We are still accepting gifts of course 🙂 but nothing is expected! We know people have to spend time and money to get to our very unique location (plus buying crocs) so please if you feel financially stressed, don’t get us a gift! Your presence is a gift <3 

  • Crocs
  • fun outfits
  • a sweater
  • pillow
  • blanket or sleeping bag
  • reusable water bottle 
  • your passport (if you’re American)
  • alcohol (if you want)
  • groceries/snacks  


  1. Because Crocs are the best shoe

Besides the Crocs, we are not that picky.

Show up in full sequinned disco gear or show up in just a blue shirt. 

As long as you wouldn’t wear the outfit to a normal wedding, it works.



  1. Vaccine proof (it does not have to be update beyond your initial 2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna or 1 dose of J&J)
  2. Your passport or passport card (Unless you are from NY or MI then you can use an enhanced driver’s license
  3. The ArriveCan app – only need 1 app per vehicle with everyones info in it. It’s going to ask you for an address where you can quarantine if necessary – you can use Carly’s – 81 Poplar St, Chatham, Ontario N7L1K2

You can find more official info here:
If you updated your RSVP that you were flying in, we will be e-mailing you soon to collect your flight info. and then we will assign one of our many lovely friends who are driving in from all different directions to pick you up on their way. We will let you know in advance who it is/their contact info.
If your offence was before 2018 and you have no others charges – you have a very good chance. Otherwise you will have to “prove you are rehabilitated”. If you have any issues or concerns about crossing we suggest these border crossings only:
  • The Walpole/Algonac Ferry
  • The Bluewater Bridge (Port Huron/Sarnia)
  • Peace Bridge (Buffalo/Niagara)
  • Rainbow Bridge (Buffalo/Niagara)
  • Queenston-Lewiston (Buffalo/Niagara)

DON’T BE STUPID! Just be honest and say you’re a responsible adult now who really wants to see their two favourite people get married.

And doesn’t officially matter, but if you do have a driving related offence, we suggest being a passenger in the vehicle – not the driver!


Due the lack of airbnbs/camper rentals, etc. in this area, We have been sniping up all of the rentals as soon as we see them for the past few months.

So we will organize and make sure everyone is accommodated for – based on the rsvp response.

The airbnbs are all located in Duttona Beach, which is about a 12 minute drive away. The costs vary and we will reach out with info soon and to collect payment. 
For onsite camping costs:
its looking like the big RVs will be about $150 CAD/person
pop up trailers around $100 CAD/person
the camp cabins $40 CAD/person
and tents are free, of course. 

If you haven’t filled out the RSVP please do so ASAP so we can get everyone sorted! 


Friday evening there will be various appetizers, a salad bar, a buffet style meal, a loaded potato bar and desserts. Free for everyone of course. And there will probably be lots of leftovers.

The meal is catered by Spice & Curry – the best Indian restaurant ever. But don’t worry all the dishes will be mild with spice on the side. We will have samosas, pakoras, garlic cauliflower, squash kofta, gobi aloo (cauliflower & potatoes), chana masala (chick peas), daal makhani (creamed lentils), garlic naan, and lots of rice. 

As well as a salad bar, a loaded potato bar and desserts by Main Vegan Deli. 

All of the food provided by us is vegan! So it’s vegetarian, dairy-free and egg-free. And aside from the samosas, everything is gluten free! Everything will be labelled regardless so don’t worry. 

We are likely going to order another catered meal for Saturday evening as well, if you would like to be involved it will just cost per person, likely around $30. 

But the rest of the weekend/snacks please plan like it’s a camping trip. There is cooking devices (2 normal stoves in the mess hall + rvs with propane ranges + camp bbqs) but grocery stores are limited in the area. We prefer to keep the entire weekend vegan but we know were already being picky with the outfits so do what makes you happy 🙂 

Depending where you are coming from, stop on your way in either Windsor, Ontario or Hamilton, Ontario. 

We will have lots of coolers with ice, the RVs will have refrigerators and the campground has 2 refrigerators as well.  


This event is BYOB!

We will have some free drinks for everyone including a custom cocktail. We will also have some cold drinks and mixers including pop and juice. But please bring your own liquor and beer. We can’t afford to get all you hooligans drunk for 3 days straight, sorry.  

If you are coming in from the US, I recommend getting your alcohol beforehand as its more expensive in Canada. (Make sure you claim it at the border!)

We will have a big water cooler or 2 available.
So please bring a reusable water bottle.